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PESAWAT is a Malaysian indie rock band formed in 2005. The band consists of Jipie (vocal, guitar, piano), Kudux (drums), Nizam Camel (guitar) and Mann (bass). PESAWAT is a Malay word, means airplane, symbolizes their dream to bring their music across the world.

In July 2011, they released their debut album entitled ‘TakeOff’ under their own music label Pramugaru Music. The album comprises a mixture of Malay and English tracks including their hit singles ‘Mirage’, ‘Rasional Emosional’, ‘Excuse Me’, ‘Bingit’, ‘Mesti Mau’ and ‘Rapuh’. The album received rave reviews and it was nominated for The Best Album in Malaysia’s Music Industry Award (AIM 19) in November 2012.

PESAWAT made their major breakthrough through the released of their first Malay single entitled ‘Mirage’ in November 2008. They garnered popularity through their first single and made history by launching the music video for Mirage on a Boeing777 aircraft in collaboration with Channel[V] Asia, Malaysia Airlines, Malaysia Airport and Astro. The music video was then nominated for Best Music Video in Shout!Awards 2010. Folowing a success that they have gained, they released their first English single in 2010 entitled ‘Excuse Me’. The song was then voted as Hitz.FM song of the year in 2010 and also awarded as the Best local English song for 2010.

The band continued to mark achievements with the released of more hit singles like ‘Bingit’ (chosen as Twisties Bingit theme song) ‘MestiMau’ (chosen as Twisties City theme song) and ‘Rapuh’ (chosen as KIL movie theme song and Fatin drama OST). January 2017 will mark the release of their new single entitled ‘Luluh’ and they are currently in studios working on their sophomore album.

PESAWAT has performed at numerous events throughout the years of their existence. Some of the notable shows includes L.A Lights IndieFest in Bandung, Indonesia, Music Matters Live in Hong Kong, Search 30 Years Fenomena Tour, Rockaway Festival, Urbanscapes Festival, Rock The World Festival, Sunburst Festival, GetUp Kluang Festival, Kotak Muzik, Konsert Jom Heboh, Festival Belia Negara, Let’s Rock Cancer Tour, Weekend at the Park Festival, RakuFest, ISKARNIVAL, HotFM BigJam, GEGO Festival, and Malaysia Airlines 40th Anniversary to name a few.